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Rolling, frothing sea,
Raging like the storm in my mind.
The waves clap like thunder,
But no one else can feel the storm.
Finally the curtain closes,
The lights come back on,
And a zephyr calms the air.
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Purple Bear by Swerd12 Purple Bear :iconswerd12:Swerd12 0 0 Mr. Piggy by Swerd12 Mr. Piggy :iconswerd12:Swerd12 1 1
We Were
We were young.
We were the amateur picture-takers.
We were happy.
We cried sometimes, though.
We were devastated.
When the going got rough, so did we.
We were cruel.
We hurt, burned, and killed, and we liked it.
We were shallow.
We dressed up and went out dancing, late.
We were drunk.
We nursed our sorrows into countless bottles of Bud.
We were bold.
We were the major world-changers.
We were weak.
We were the stay-in-bed excused ones.
We lived
For a while
But now look at us
The filthy scum of the world,
Tossed out like our baby diapers.
We wanted
To be something
But instead
All we got
Is the knowledge that today is the only day to live,
Not the future.
Today is the only thing we have.
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006 Break Away
I'm tearing down everything I once knew
Hoping to find a solution
to all our problems
But tonight,
We're gonna break away
from everything normal,
everything sane.
Life's been crazy lately
Not much time for "us"
I want things to go back
to the way they used to be
When it was just you
and me
And nothing seemed so far away,
everything seemed within reach,
within touching distance.
But now,
when the norm is ignoring
And I know what it's like to go
from being best friends
to being more than friends
to being strangers,
All in a matter of years,
I want things to change.
I want us to break free,
Break away
Find a shooting star
and ride it
to where we are destined to be
Our one spot
Where we can tear down all of our problems
And just be
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005 Seeking Solace
Trying to forget about it all.
From the world, deep inside
My head
Spinning with emotions...
There's nothing left
no outlets
in which to hide from the world.
All I want
Is an escape from the pain
the tears
the sorrow.
But all I've got
is an endless tunnel
of despair.
The curtain closes on my life,
the lights go on
And everyone leaves,
walks away.
But I,
lonely still,
desperately seeking respite
from the cold, empty solitude
in which I walk alone.
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Every breath I take is like a symphony
The words I speak are like a choir
So why is the only thing the world seems to want from me
Is to make the music die?
The pain inside of me reverberates
Like the rain falling on window panes
I want the feeling that a sharp knife makes
When I'm dying and my cracked heart breaks.
When I write this now I'm all alone
With no one and nothing to call my own
Sometimes that symphony fades away
I wish there came the day
I wish there came the day when it would all go away.
I wish there came the day when the world would sway and it would all go away.
Forever and ever and ever and ever and ever…
I wish I would never have to wake up in the morning again
I don't know why I get out of bed
Because there's no reason to,
Not anymore, at least…
Everyone I thought was forever is gone
Everything I thought I had secure flew away
On sunburned wings
Into the muggy summer afternoon
I think there's a time in life
Where you have to believe enough is enough
You hav
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Mature content
004 Dark :iconswerd12:Swerd12 6 6
Upside Down by Swerd12 Upside Down :iconswerd12:Swerd12 8 0
Sometimes in life
All I want to do
Is sit on my bed
Wearing my hat
Like a crown
I can be king of the world
If only for a second,
But when I take a deep breath
And open my eyes again
It's like nothing has changed-
I still don't matter.
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Secret Two by Swerd12 Secret Two :iconswerd12:Swerd12 22 19 Secret 1 by Swerd12 Secret 1 :iconswerd12:Swerd12 2 5
The year we are all going to die.
Better make it a good one.
I think I want
to talk more
to say my opinion
not to let other people say things for me.
I want to be my own person,
be more outgoing
and show the world
what I really am like.
No one knows, really,
but maybe,
just maybe,
I can add something positive to the world.
So yeah.
That's my resolution this year,
to be myself. :D
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003 Light
Golden beauty.
Crowned in a heavenly veil of sunshine.
Haloed in white,
she lays there,
A babe clothed in silver.
Beautiful dreamer
Untouched by the darkness.
There she sits
The image of innocence.
Big blue eyes
Stare up
into my face
And I wonder
if a shadow will ever darken
her soft profile...
There she sits,
An image of light.
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Mercy of God
A young boy moved in to a new neighborhood; his parents were freshly divorced due to his mother's distaste for monogamy. And so, mother and son moved into the new boyfriend's place. The boyfriend's house was horrendously dirty and quite shabby, but what made it unbearable was the stale odor of a years' worth of Frito's smashed into the carpet and the sour stench of roughly one hundred Bud Light cans that never quite made it into the trash can. What his mother saw in this man he couldn't say, but it certainly wasn't his attention to detail. The boy missed his father.
That night, the boy told his mother he was going for a walk. And, for all intents and purposes, he was. What he forgot to mention was that he never intended to return from that walk, but she would find out soon enough.
He made it almost all the way into the next town before he stopped walking. He estimated he had gone about six miles. Luckily for him, the moon was full, the sky was clear, and visibility was good. But he was
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No Mistakes
youre not lukewarm
like you think
youre no mistake
just keep dreaming
dreaming like crazy.
no mistakes this time
no fatal faults
youre not crazy
you gotta believe me
:iconfreefromyounow:freefromyounow 3 5
Day 1 - Your Best Friend by PastaNotWar Day 1 - Your Best Friend :iconpastanotwar:PastaNotWar 8 59
Mature content
Skeleton Affections :iconlittledreamer152:LittleDreamer152 7 10
Amigurumi Pop Tart Cat Scarf 1 by MevvSan Amigurumi Pop Tart Cat Scarf 1 :iconmevvsan:MevvSan 813 121 If tears left scars... by DestinyBlue If tears left scars... :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 29,411 2,685 Music Dress by Qtfiddler Music Dress :iconqtfiddler:Qtfiddler 106 92 Ashley Purdy wants to have sex with you by LaDamePerverse Ashley Purdy wants to have sex with you :iconladameperverse:LaDamePerverse 41 50 Pregnant by KaoticRogue Pregnant :iconkaoticrogue:KaoticRogue 2 7 Your Daily Mun 24: Explorer by Jompie Your Daily Mun 24: Explorer :iconjompie:Jompie 21 25
How To Say Goodbye
Dear Unborn Child, Whom I Let Go;
When I was thirteen and four months old, and you were thirteen years younger, I decided to let you go. You squirmed in opposition beneath my ribcage, up against my pelvis, and I licked my lips and tried to smile while I leaned my forehead on the cool glass of the car, hellbound.
I remember sea weed insertion, dilation, cramps and bleeding. Orange smoothies from Dairy Queen that I threw up, and I hoped you were mingling in the remains of my summer day treat, so I could put this behind me. Pretend I was 'moving on'. I laid in the bathtub of a hotel room for six hours, trying to melt you away in scalding water from a rusty tap, yet you clung on, holding tightly to the walls of my pelvic region. Wiggling upwards, towards my throat. Past my teeth. You're trying to get out, but my family has decided you won't breathe when you're released from your bloody shackles; you may as well settle down now, sweet son, settle down.
The rest of this, to me, is a blur. Th
:iconpullingcandy:pullingcandy 911 1,204
God Sent You to Me
God sent you to me
Changing my life
Making it better
I met you
I saved you
You saved me
And here we are
6 months later
From the day I fell in love
So much has happened here
In such a little time
But a half a year
And I can say
I'm still just as in love with you
As I was the very first day
:iconlostinlove15:lostinlove15 4 3
Mond by krbad7202 Mond :iconkrbad7202:krbad7202 1 2 Never surrender... by M-LA-Taylor Never surrender... :iconm-la-taylor:M-LA-Taylor 58 52 Valentine Song by MelanieMaterne Valentine Song :iconmelaniematerne:MelanieMaterne 216 77


So I had applied for this national leadership conference way back in December, and just today I got notice that I GOT IN!!!!!!!!!!! I am extremely excited. Just wanted to let y'all know. :D Have a fantasticawesome day.
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
You tell yourself things will never change, but they always do.

Sometimes you can change it back. Sometimes you can make it better. But occasionally you wish you could. But you can't. Life begins to choke you, and you begin running out of options... You can't fix it this time, can't fix everything, they tell you.
Yet you wonder if maybe you actually can. That tiny little 'what-if' can be the thing that changes everything. Let it.

Favourite genre of music: Screamo
Favourite style of art: Poetry?? Anything that can evoke emotion.
MP3 player of choice: iTouch
Personal Quote: "Man cannot live on bread alone. He must have peanut butter."



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